Elite Storage

Whilst loading your goods into a storage facility may seem like a straightforward process with little forethought required, there are multiple steps you can take to save yourself time, money and stress. Here are 5 important tips you may want to consider when loading your goods into our Gold Coast storage facility:

First In Last Out

It is likely that there will be certain items that you’ll want to access more than others whilst they’re in our storage containers on the Gold Coast such as tools, documents or even the new fishing gear you don’t want the wife to know about. To avoid having to dig through your storage container to access these possessions, you should pack them into the moving truck first as they will then be likely packed into the container last providing you with easy access at all times.

Clearly Mark Everything

A trap many can fall into is believing you’ll be able to remember the exact contents of every box you place into our storage units just by looking at it. Whilst this may be true a day, week or even a month after moving your goods into Elite Container Storage, as time passes you’ll find it more difficult to recall exactly which box contains what and end up having to dig through all your possessions to find the secret fishing tackle.

Plan Ahead

You should resist the urge to simply throw everything into your storage unit as quite often you’ll find yourself unpacking it again to rearrange everything so that you can get the doors closed. Store longer items such as tables, beds and mattresses on their sides along the walls of the storage container as this will provide greater protection for them and maximise the amount of space available in the unit. Heavy items such as furniture should be placed inside the storage container next so lighter, more fragile items can be stored on top of them.

No H20

Water and moisture is the enemy in any storage unit and placing wet items in storage can lead to your goods becoming covered in mould and unpleasant smells. Make sure you drain fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and garden hoses then allow them to completely dry out before placing into storage. It’s also a good idea to prop open fridge doors to ensure air can circulate through them to further prevent any potential bad smells.

Safety First

Finally, you should always pack your goods into our storage containers in the safest possible manner. Avoid stacking heavy items too high or right up against the doors of our Gold Coast storage containers as falling items can cause nasty injuries.

As you may be able to tell, here at Elite Container Storage we are experts when it comes to storing all types of goods. Contact us today on 0450193194 for a quick storage quote.