Assa Abloy

Here at Elite Container Storage on the Gold Coast our self storage customers use our containers for a wide range of purposes. Here’s just 5 reasons why our customers love using our self storage containers:

Free Up Space around the Home

With the average modern house designs becoming smaller and smaller, as a result of reduced land availability, quite often you’ll find yourself struggling to fit all of your possessions neatly and tidily into your home. Bulky items like golf clubs, spare beds and lawnmowers can all combine to take over your garage space pretty quickly and you’re soon left with nowhere to park your car. We have flexible sized storage units, conveniently located near the heart of the Gold Coast where you can keep these types of large items that only get used from time to time.


If you have valuable items such as antiques, musical equipment or large artworks, it can be risky to keep them in your backyard shed or garage at home, particularly if you aren’t at home most of the day. Our Gold Coast storage sheds are monitored 24/7 by CCTV cameras and is surrounded by high barbed wire fences and a heavy security gate meaning that your goods are in safe hands around the clock.

A Home for Big Boys Toys

Have you got a jet ski or motorbike that you need to hide from your partner or simply don’t get to use every weekend? Or perhaps you’re dreaming of a new fishing tinny but have nowhere to keep it at your home? A self storage container at Elite Container Storage is the perfect place to securely store your big boys toys so that they remain protected from the elements and a secret from your wife. Our storage containers hold 34 cubic metres of space meaning there’s enough room for small cars, boats and other possessions you simply don’t have the room for (or permission to keep at home).

In Between Homes

Thousands of families move to the Gold Coast every year and quite often they find themselves having to rent a home while they search for a suitable property to buy. If you find yourself in this position a self storage unit is a great place to hold all of your non essential possessions while you find your new home. By leaving them in our Gold Coast containers you’ll save time and money by not having to unpack/repack them once the time comes to move again.

Extended Holidays

Dreaming of taking off overseas for 12 months? Aren’t we all! If you’re lucky enough to be going on an extended trip you’ll probably want to rent out your current house while you’re gone to help fund the fun. Whilst it can be tempting to commandeer your parents garage for storage while you’re away, your folks won’t appreciate losing their carparks for an extended period of time so to protect your share of the inheritance using one of our furniture storage containers on the Gold Coast is a wise investment.

That’s just a few reasons why our customers use our container storage facility here at Elite Container Storage. If any of the above sounds familiar, get in touch with us on 0450 193 194 for a free storage quote.