Elite Container

When the time comes to move your possessions into a self storage facility, the choice of options on the Gold Coast can be overwhelming. With many different types of Gold Coast storage units to choose from, it pays to do your research and look beyond price when choosing where to store your goods. Here is our advice on what to consider when looking for the perfect storage unit.


If it is likely that you’ll want to access the goods in your storage unit on a regular basis then it pays to choose a storage facility that is centrally located on the Gold Coast. It can be tempting to try and save a few dollars by choosing a self storage facility that is located further away from the centre of the Gold Coast, however you may find any small savings made on your monthly storage fees are chewed up by the cost of petrol in travelling to and from your unit. Our container storage facility is centrally located, right near Ashmore City on the Gold Coast, which means you can quickly and easily access your goods at any time.


Security should feature high up on your checklist when considering your self storage options. At a minimum your chosen storage facility should feature high barbed wire fences and strong security gates to prevent any would be thieves from accessing your storage unit. Here at Elite Container Storage, we offer the added peace of mind of 24/7 CCTV security cameras that watch over our containers and keep your belongings safe and secure.


The last thing you want when storing your possessions for an extended period of time is for them to get covered in mould, dust or even become a home for the local vermin population. We take great pride in our new, clean and fully insulated container storage units on the Gold Coast and take every precaution to ensure that your goods remain in the same condition as you left them in.


You should always check the access hours of any storage facility on the Gold Coast before signing on as a customer. In order to save costs, some storage businesses have limited access hours which can prevent you accessing your goods when you need them. At Elite Container Storage we offer access to your goods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making us a convenient choice for those wishing to access their possessions day or night.

If you’re looking for a safe, clean and easily accessible storage on the Gold Coast, give the team at Elite Container Storage a call today on 0450193194 for a no obligation quick quote.