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During a move the humble garage can often become a storage black hole – a convenient place to place your non essential items ‘out of sight and out of mind’. Whilst this can be a good short term solution, quite often these possessions remain boxed up in the garage for years to come and your cars left outside to endure the elements of the Gold Coast’s weather.

Sound familiar? Here’s 5 tips for cleaning out your garage with a minimal amount of time and stress.

Be Ruthless

There’s no room for sentimentality if you’re serious about reclaiming your garage space. Hire a trailer or skip and throw out all of the junk that has accumulated since you moved in. Alternatively you may consider having a garage sale or donating some things to charity. Once you have cut down on the junk you’ll have more space to work with and perhaps even a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Tackle One Side at a Time

Once you’ve removed the unwanted items, it helps to shift everything to one side so you can thoughtfully put your possessions into a neater arrangement. Once you’ve finished placing everything neatly back onto that side you can then move onto the next. You’ll find it much easier to stay on track by tackling it section by section.

Invest In Storage Shelving

Storing smaller, lighter items on racks and in shelving can greatly increase the amount of floorspace available for your cars and larger possessions. Fishing rods can be hung from the ceiling and garden tools hung from hooks on the walls. If something has a ‘home’ in your garage you’re less likely to simply throw it back in there wherever next time you use it.

Self Storage Facilities

If you’ve followed the above advice and are still struggling to fit your cars into the garage then self storage may be the answer. A storage container at our Gold Coast facility can hold up to 34 cubic metres of space – enough for the entire contents of an average 3-4 bedroom house! By renting a storage unit at Elite Container Storage you’ll be able to access your possessions 24/7 and reclaim your garage space.

Check out our storage estimator to see exactly how much storage you’ll need then get in touch for a quick storage quote today!